Leo Kysèla, the shining star in Austria's
soul & blues scene  (A - Kronenzeitung)
Leo Kysèla - master of unusual interpretations.
Together with his equally talented musicians, Leo shapes worldwide hit
songs into miniature works of art, guaranteed to raise goose bumps.
Alongside classics from his own pen, Leo Kysèla cloaks ballads known all
over the world in an entirely new sound.

These muted tones, presented with masterly acoustic accompaniment and 
a voice whose intensity and expression may well be unique in the
German-speaking countries, will soothe and massage ears and soul alike.

(Christian Lehner, former DJ on Austrian Radio Ö3, Journalist contributing
to Kurier, Süddeutsche Zeitung  & Concerto Worldmusic)

Leo Kysèla shows that, at this level of quality, blues can be much more than conventional wailing in a twelve bar sequence. 
With his own special approach to this type of music and a voice with an 
intensity as may well be unique in the German-speaking countries, the Austrian 
shows here that he can certainly stand up with the great names in his trade, 
such as Eric Burdon." - Axel Meier (D-Süddeutsche Zeitung)

Leo Kysèla has issued seven albums to date on CD, one video, one cd-rom
and one DVD. He has played over 1500 live gigs.

was the unanimous verdict from the music press.

"Leo Kysèla, the envoy of good taste - exceptional voice"
A- Bernd Melichar (die Woche) 

"Kysèla's voice inspires"  A- Rennbahn Express

"The most exciting aspect of Leo Kysèla's music is undoubtedly his voice. 
As a matter of fact, I can think of only very few vocalists that use the same 
level of intensity, expression and dynamics as he does" 
A - Manfred Ergott (Concerto Worldmusic)  www.concerto.at

"His deep feeling inspires and turns the evening into a musical experience" 
D - Allgäuer TZ

"Leo Kysèla, the shining star in Austria's soul & blues scene" (A- Kronen Zeitung)

"Leo Kysèla - the local scene's voice of white blues, pure and simple"
Claudia Taucher (A- Kleine Zeitung)

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