Leo Kysèla's brand new 
 band album with six studio
 and fife live tracks. 
 Great voives, marvelous
 strings, danceable !

 12 songs - total time 54:11"

Joerg Veselka (voc, guit) 
Jasmin H. Kiefer (vocals)
Louis Kiefer (bass, guit)
Giorgio Hammer (viola)
Chris Hammer (violin)
Fritz Jerey (programming)
L.Ky (vocals, guit, blues harp)
"Life is"
CD2016L&S KyGripp music
 CD album
1. Back in the days (live) 3:56
  2. Streets of London  4:03
  3. 24 Hours  4:20
  4. Stand by me (live) 4:59
  5. Dr.Baby (live) 4:32
6. Little blue apples  3:58
7. Life is  4:47
8. Honky tonk women (live) 3:30
9. Living on a freewave  3:51
10. Say something  4:30
11. Sometimes (live) 4:03
i12. LEO'N SKY medley 7:16
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All studio tracks recorded at the Hizz Factory, Gaz, Austria.
All tracks mixed & mastered by Fritz Jerey, www.fritz.jerey.com,
except “Honky tonk women”, mixed by Michael Merkusch.
Cover painted by Judith frewein, www.frewein.eu. 
Photograph by Louis Sekli.

Leo Kysèla (vocals, guitars, blues harp, foot stomp)
Joerg Veselka (vocals, ac.guitar)
Jasmin Holzmann Kiefer (vocals, percussion)
Louis Kiefer (bass guitar, ac.guitar )
Giorgio Hammer (viola, string percussion)
Chris Hammer (violin)
Fritz Jerey (additional vocals, programming)

All songs produced and arranged by Leo Kysèla.
Copyright 2016 by KyGripp music, all rights reserved.
Artwork by L.ky.
Produced by Leo Kysèla
(c) by KyGripp, all rights reserved.
CD2016 L&S
LC 6681

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