Leo Kysèla's brand new
  studio album + bonus video
  12 songs including "Moon River",
  "India" and "Back in the Days"
  total time: 45:07 + 6:50 (video)
Stefan Wedam
(guitars/ violoncello)
Louis Kiefer
(trombone/ bass guitar)
Giorgio Hammer (viola)
+ 8 special guests
Leo Kysèla
"Gurgaon Sunset"
CD 0911011-S  PPmusic
 CD album+video
songs: .
1. Shooting Gun  3:28
2.  Violated  4:45
3.  India  2:20
4.  Back in the Days 3:38
5.  Little Boy  5:24
6.  Sometimes  3:58
7.  Mothers of the Disapp.  3:45
8.  Moon River  3:41
9. Together – for you  3:55
10.  Dock of the bay  4:19
11.  Blowin' in the wind  6:05
 & Love would set me free  6:50
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Recorded and mixed by L.Ky at KyGripp Studio
between summer‘09 and summer‘11
Assistant Engineer: Jac Kellermann
Assistant Producer: Louis Kiefer
Premastering Videosound by Stephan Taul
Mastered at Millrace Studio by Michi Merkusch

Photographs by Louis Sekli & Manfred Pichler
Cover photography by Louis Sekli 
Design by Robert Hitthaler for 'ONOMATO'/ Austria/ EU

Louis Kiefer (bass guitars, guitar, trombone, backing vocals)
Stefan Wedam (acoustic & e-guitar, cello, backing vocals)
Giorgio Hammer (viola, string percussion)
Sascha Pätzold (viola)
Jasmin Holzmann (aditional & backing vocals)
Jörg Veselka (vocals, guitar)
Franz Hofferer (cajon, congas)
Bernie 'Burns' Wimmer (drums)
Kurt Heid (pedal steel guitar)
Peter Erregger (e-guitar)
Produced by Leo Kysèla
(c) 2011 by KyGripp, all rights reserved.
CD/DVD 0911011-S
LC 6681

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