Leo Kysèla's band live 
  album, 11 songs  including:
 'walk on the wild side' 
  total time: 56.40"
Gerd Weber 
(altosax/ flute/ b-vocals)
Louis Kiefer
(trombone / b-vocals/ guitar)
Stefan Wedam
(guitar/ b-vocals/ violoncello)
B.B.Wimmer (drums)
Leo Kysèla
"the band" live
CD 0406-L  PPmusic
 CD album
 1. Homage  2:37
  2. The First Time  4:47
  3. Live's So Blue Without  4:10
  4. One  7:07
  5. Walk On The Wild Side  4:46
  6. Desire  4:20
  7. Love Would Set Me Free  6:43
 8. Love Is Blindness  5:14
  9. Sweetest Thing  5:00
10. In A Little While  4:10
11. Desire (radio edit)  4:10
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Live-mix by Stexx
Recording engineer: Michael Merkusch
Assistant engineer: Paul Grilj
Mix by L.Ky
Assistant engineer: Stexx
Mastering engineer: Rupert Metnitzer

Leo Kysèla: lead vocals, bass guitar, guitars, blues harp, 
foot stomp, drum & percussion programming
Gerd Weber: alto saxophone, flute, backing vocals
Stefan Wedam: lead & acoustic guitar, violoncello, b.vocals
Louis Kiefer: e-guitar, trombone, backing vocals
Bernie 'Burns' Wimmer: drums & percussion

All songs arranged by L.KY and rearranged
by KY, Weber, Kiefer, Wedam & B.B.
Idea & concept: L.Ky

Photographs by Gerd & Svetlana Weber, except 
page 4 by Werner Schimpl, page 5 by Alex Malinowsky
Cover photography by Gerd Weber
Design by Harry 'the dirty' Harmel
for 'Buereau Orange'/ Austria/ EU

All U2 lyrics at:
www.u2.com or  www.google.com
Produced by Leo Kysèla
(c) by KyGripp, all rights reserved.
CD 0406-L
LC 6681

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