Life's so blue without
(from CD "oots")

Herold Times, 
those hard times 
papers 're sold, 
stories 're told 
tired faces, 
men 're stout 
life's so blue without. 

Trams are gliding, 
doors are sliding 
empty seats, 
so incomplete 
colored ghosts, 
come and go 
life's so blue without. 

Disco's lights, 
those late night blues 
searching eyes, 
poor disguise 
wrinkled smile,
for a while 
life's so blue without. 

Stopping now, 
going then 
arm in arm, 
drunken and young 
hurrying away, 
sleeping off the day 
life's so blue without.

(from CD "Kysèla-live") 

I felt you 
deep down in my heart
the morning creeps along 
the window pane 
on an oceans breeze 
with you I found the light 
on this cold, cold winternight. 

In your eyes I saw myself
those heavenly blue skies 
as our knowing knows no end 
a touch along the edge
resounds in my soul 
on this cold, cold winternight. 

We dance together 
to a place of spirits pride 
breaking through the night 
I found you. 
Where heated bodies 
proudly reside 
forgotten long ago 
awaking new. 

Swelling we arise 
and the warmth of you and me 
like a sunny, sunny day 
that's coming through 
the soft touch of your lips 
greets the ageless child 
on this cold, cold winternight. 

lyrics by Leo Kysèla & Alice Bell Young