Leo Kysèla's Live CD recorded 
 in December 1999
 maximum playtime
 11 songs - total time 61:04"
Gerd Weber 
(altosax/ flute/ didgeridoo)
Louis Kiefer 
(trombone/ e-guitar)
special appearances:
Shaky Kreinz (bass guitar)
Wolf Keindl (percussion)
Leo Kysèla
"The Souly Nights'99"
CD 2000LA PPmusic
 CD album
  1. All along the watchtower  5:05
  2. Dr. Baby  5:15
  3. For a handful of trust  4:51
  4. Demon  5:35
  5. Down Town  6:10
  6. Pipes 10:41
  7. On the run  5:30
  8. Mr. Didg  1:07
  9. Little Sister (XXXX)  5:08
10. Ain't no sunshine  3:04
11. New Orleans waltz  6:10
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Recorded live at "Café Pro&St" in Graz / Austria between 
17th and 23rd December 1999.

All songs composed & arranged by Leo Kysèla except
"All along the watchtower" by Bob Dylan, "Pipes" & "Mr.Didg"
 by Gerd Weber, "Down Town" by Kysèla/Mercuse, 
"Dr.Baby", "Demon" and "On the run" by Kysèla/Stützle,
"Ain't no sunshine" by Bill Withers.
Produced by Leo Kysèla
(c) by KyGripp, all rights reserved.
CD 2000-LA
LC 6681

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